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vCIO or Fractional CIO or IT Director?

vCIO or Fractional CIO or IT Director?
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There's allot of terminology available around technology leadership roles. Often time organization use the monicker CIO but they're actually looking for someone more hands on. We've written an article about this for those who are looking to discern further here.

Organizations who are hiring their first significant IT Leader often needs someone with strategic and execution competencies. This means they need to be able to roll up their sleeves in helping the executives craft a technology roadmap that helps meet big picture objectives not only focusing on the latest SaaS features or gadgets. On the other hand they need to be able to hold their own and have their finger on the pulse when it's time to intervene or communicate changes to expectations before they become fires.

Either way we help you choose using a precise discovery process to hone in on what your organization really needs versus filling a title.

Why vCIO Consultants

Our vCIO Consultants Vancouver service can help provide on-demand support and planning, while being able to ramp up to meet urgent events that require experienced and in-depth technology advice. Most importantly a vCIO Consultant should create a succession plan if a client requires a permanent staff to grow into the role or take over once periods of significant uncertainty / risk pass into the rear view mirror.
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What a vCIO consultant provides

Stakeholder, Partner and Vendor Relationship Management

IT Strategy, Roadmap and Governance

Enterprise Architecture and Strategic Advisory

IT Team, Program and Project Management

Mindfield Consulting Corp Toronto Vancouver Canada

Organization Change Management and Adoption

IT Risk Management and Information Security

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Why Mindfield

Local presence and national scale - our core team is based out of Vancouver and can deploy resources rapidly across Canada

Technology agnosticism - we shape our technology recommendations around the strategy not the other way around

Adaptability - we've helped launched small organizations, grown unicorns, and scale global enterprises.

Depth of capabilities -Mindfield Virtual IT Leaders are backed by experts in business strategy, software engineering, and eLearning helping clients to dream and deliver at each step

Helping a Youth Charity Evolve it's IT Strategy


Our client required an IT review of their newly distributed and remote impact organization serving LGBTQ youth across Canada. They were concerned about whether they had the right IT strategy and foundational security controls.


Mindfield confirmed priorities and took the time to listen and explore. Working with the executive team and Operations leader we chartered a course to address cyber security, platform standardization, and focus in on innovative technologies for the core operations.


Mindfield provided a series of high priority recommendations while setting a concrete vision and roadmap for evolving their IT ecosystem.

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