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Assigned team member(s) had an abundance of knowledge in all areas of IT from network/technical support, infrastructure, web security, programming, and database management. With a clear understanding of dependencies across all aspects of IT and even of the business ... that solve real business problems. I would highly recommend Mindfield Consulting for your IT projects.
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Mindfield has in-depth expertise in migration and transformation using SharePoint across Canada and in the Toronto area.

We can handle imited scope or the entire project, from business requirements and design, to change management and user adoption, and all the technical work in between.

Our team also uses the right technology for the right scenarios, we know the strengths of SharePoint and when to use it.

Our Approach

All of our engagements begin with a content strategy workshop to determine how much information you have & the best way to prioritize it. We know this is the quickest way to start developing navigation & experiences that work best for your audience.

The next key activity is branding & User Experience (UX) design. It’s tempting to focus on design before identifying content - but a good experience is one that promotes the correct content in the correct order.

Then we’ll develop each individual site iteratively, maintain close contact with stakeholders so we can adjust and evolve each site as needed. The whole time we’ll have regular check-ins and updates, at a frequency that works for your team.

The final phase is the rollout and adoption - how do we take our new intranet to the masses, and make it stick. We use proven change management frameworks and strategies to ensure that the new SharePoint delivers the business value that you need.

Mindfield can deliver this as a one-off project, or we can deliver via a managed service that can include ongoing evolution and administration.

Modern SharePoint Modern UX

Modern Sharepoint Modern ux
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Our client, a billion-dollar startup based in Vancouver, Canada, had a gap in IT leadership that needed filling. The short story was they needed to scale, and the IT department was not prepared.


This project was split into 2 phases – design & rollout. The design phase focused on creating an intranet that didn’t just look good but focused on helping the team get work done and promoting engagement, collaboration & cross-communication.


Using an iterative prototype model – our team was able to tailor the Intranet experience in increments – whilst meeting “folding” staff input into the prototypes. This was later regarded as a key success factor in the rollout & adoption of the new intranet.

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