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Business Goals Enabled by Technology
Assigned team member(s) had an abundance of knowledge in all areas of IT from network/technical support, infrastructure, web security, programming, and database management. With a clear understanding of dependencies across all aspects of IT and even of the business ... that solve real business problems. I would highly recommend Mindfield Consulting for your IT projects.
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Enterprise Architecture

Legacy Modernization

Reliably moving from old to new

Security First

We help with zero trust and microservices architecture


We help adopt the most cutting edge technologies and tune them into your existing ensemble

Business Case

Engage and build consensus around major digital transformation

Performance & Scalability

Getting responsive and velocity at the right price.

Tech Org Design

Helping build high-performance teams from scratch.

Enterprise Architecture

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Why Enterprise Architecture?

Cloud technologies has enabled organizations to adopt new platforms at a rapid pace. But since each vendor is focused on a silo, the job of turning solo players into a winning ensemble is the job of an Enterprise Architect(s).
This is especially evident when there are issues with

  • Staying up to speed with getting services and products to stakeholders

  • Anxiety with making changes to an existing platform

  • Need to reinvent for the next normal

  • Managing security and privacy

  • Desire to help organizations simply be more efficient

What is Enterprise Architecture Consultant?

Work with a qualified Enterprise Architecture Consultant who has the ability to work with a variety of technologies including Open Source, Microsoft, Google and to help optimize, secure and evolve how your organizations technology systems work and interface with other third-party platforms. Most significantly an Architect helps evaluate new technologies and ensures it works effectively with existing platforms.
What is Enterprise Architecture Consultant
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Fast Forward Transformation
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Fast Forward Transformation

Mindfield's enterprise architecture consultant is experienced not only in development/programming but leveraging off the shelf applications, building technology teams, and finally engage executives to provide novel possibilities to accelerate outcomes. This enables your organization to be at the forefront in shaping your industry versus being shaped by it.

Architecting Technology Success

Architecting Technology Success
Enterprise architecture consultant dealing with strategic technology direction and alignment.
From Technology Congestion to Freeway
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From Technology Congestion to Freeway

Problem: A crown corporation was plagued by open bug items on a public facing bridge and tolling ERP system that affected top-line revenue. They required reliability and flexibility.

Approach: Mindfield helped assembled a team of technology professionals and lead the on-boarding approach to ensure the team was operational in managing the platform with technical debt and front-end issues.

Result: MindfieldIp enabled the client to successfully operationalize a technology team within 6 months despite no technical help from the previous technology vendor.
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